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  • Single Turbo RX-7s - Boost Controller - Solenoid Hookup boost hookup Methods Question - Looking for a quick answer to the best set-up of a EBC on my s362sxe install
    Turbo noob question about boost gauge hookup subaru. They want options with sense, but they treat them like rooms.

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    If you were running no boost controller and your turbo was outputting 15psi thennbsp
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    Turbo equipped cars and trucks use a combination of forced air into thenbsp
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    Hey Guys New to the site Where do I Hook a Boost gauge up to and if anyone has a pic of this please post

    Cobalt ss network
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    Forced Induction - best place for boost gauge and wastergate hookup - I have a spliter good for two sources on the compressor side
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    Our boost controller works by interrupting the pressure seen by the wastegate

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    I just installed a boost gauge on my 04 wrx
    Forums and games.


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